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21 year old child at heart. Catholic convert who needs Christ. I like animals and stuff.
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I’ve been to Venice many times and seen basilica. I went yesterday and it was the usual; crowded, people talking loudly, taking tons of pictures and filming against the rules. The atmosphere was stifling, and I had such trouble finding God. I knew it was a church, and I had respect for it. But I just hated the atmosphere the visitors created.
I noticed a small side chapel and I went over and prayed for a moment. There I noticed a sign for Eucharistic Adoration. So I step quietly walked up and stepped through the opened door.
I walked in, kneeled and looked up. And peace came over me. I started crying; huge flowing tears. The peace I felt was wonderful. In the midst of the chaos outside, I stepped inside and there was Christ. He was before me.
After prayer, I was not disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the people at all. They didn’t seem to matter anymore. God was what mattered, and He had given me the answer. Yes, I am here.